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02 Jan

‘There’s a real feeling of community and Southern hospitality,’ she says.‘It feels much more genuine than LA and I have never had an easier time making friends.’ The city and the show have reinvigorated her passion for music.‘You’re British, you’ll drink with me,’ she declares.At just 23 years old, the actress could justifiably be claiming her carriage clock by now.I apologise deeply for any pain that was inflicted.But I didn’t do anything out of disrespect.’ Fortunately for Panettiere, her flinty performance on Nashville is earning nothing but praise.news was announced, Milo tweeted Jaimie: "Congrats to @Jaimie Girl XO, very well deserved." You can follow Milo on Twitter @Divide Pictures, Just Jared @Jared Eng and Just @Just Jared.10 pictures inside of rumored couple Milo Ventimiglia and Jaimie Alexander...

The series is filmed on location in the Tennessee city, where Panettiere has very willingly relocated from Los Angeles.

At the time, Knox was serving a 26-year sentence for the murder of Meredith Kercher, though she has since been acquitted.

Panettiere found herself fending off intense criticism after calling Knox ‘brave’ and ‘spirited’ and talking of her joy and excitement at winning the role.

‘I remember being 16 years old, bending over in a shop, and having somebody snap a photo of me from behind and publish it in a magazine, saying that I had cellulite.

It upset me so much I didn’t wear shorts again for five years,’ she says.