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29 Mar

Roo engineered for them to sleep together and then later for her father to catch them at it so that she had an alibi for when she came clean about her pregnancy.

When Roo later teased a jealous Bobby, Bobby punched her in the stomach and Roo went to the Doctor to check everything was okay with her baby.

We heard from Alf that Roo had been going off the rails at boarding school and when Frank went to visit her, he got into a fight with Brett Macklin, the guy she was seeing.

Brett Macklin though had fallen in love with his daughter and blackmailed Roo into letting him raise her.

Roo skipped school to be with Frank and was caught out by her furious father.

Roo was devastated to find out that Alf had proposed to Ailsa and Frank stayed over to comfort her, falling asleep in her bed.

The Doctor was shocked to realise Roo had not told anyone about the baby and warned her against her plan to dupe Frank but Roo refused to listen and planted a pregnancy test for Celia to find.

After admitting to Celia that she was pregnant and the baby was Frank’s, she and Celia broke the news to Frank and he agreed to marry her.