Who is jayson blair dating

19 Jan

“He cooks me dinner, we drink some tea and watch some great TV shows or a movie,” Willis, 24, said of Blair, 28, who plays Clay Clemmons on NBC’s . So we cook, usually something very healthy because we both cannot have gluten, unfortunately,” he said.

Cooking-in suits the couple, dating since August, because they share the same digestive affliction, Blair said. “So I guess we were made for each other, since we have to suffer together through our food choices.” Willis made her way on the red carpet newly blonde, saying she was loving the change and had been inspired by old Hollywood glamour.

During the outing, the actress and aspiring singer held hands with Blair as they strolled through Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Famous moms and daughters The pair were recently spotted together at Warwick in Hollywood on Oct. "[They looked completely in love, slow dancing together with their arms wrapped around each other," a source revealed to Us.

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PHOTOS: 2013's biggest splits Willis, 25, and actor Blair, 29, first debuted as a couple when they stepped out together in August 2012.There's not really much we wouldn't do for each other.” Where did all that love go Jay?The break-up has come as a surprise to fans as well as their friends.Previously the couple was seen cuddling on film sets and enjoying themselves at a Prince concert in Hollywood.Willis, an aspiring musician, was spotted partying it up at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, in October, along with with former "That 70s Show" star Wilmer Valderrama.