Updating porsche navigation system

28 Apr

You can find these by pressing the Source and Info buttons at the same time.

Note that if your PCM reports simply "V" for the version number, it is still at version 1.0 (mine was this way).

(IE I hope they don't now default to off/gone) I like and use the speed dependent volume solution on my base audio (non bose) system. That this is limited by hardware is highly unlikely.

Its a software protocol that works over the bluetooth hardware(radio link).

I'm guessing it is a limitation of the Bluetooth hardware they used, my wife's 2012 Buick has the same problem and that was the answer there.

I know the 1.4 update included the following bug fixes, grabbed from another post elsewhere: Here are the "bugs" which are addressed in 1.4: I assume more bugs are fixed by 2.24 but I can't find a list.

But it may be that the bluetooth's system firmware cannot be updated via the PCM firmware update.. Or, in typical Porsche fashion they did buy a bluetooth chipset so limited it did just what they needed for what they were selling, and may not have the bandwidth to do dual channel stereo audio but only telephony grade mono audio. [1/13/14 - Added a correction to the part numbers for the various years in lines above.

See the Tequipment site at go to the Audio & Communication section, then go to the Navigation Update section.]Hey.. It helped a lot with searching for an update for my 2009 Cayenne S PCM 3.0 Nav. I bought the following using the part number from Tequipment site..

I did specifically go look for the A2DP streaming as soon as I picked up the car, I really hoped that was there too, but regrettably it was not to be found.This update brought my PCM unit up to version 2.24.I'm attaching photos of a couple of the version info screens.It seems that each year the third set of digits gets incremented each year, so while the 2014 maps are 997.044.906.61, the 2013 maps are 997.044.905.61, the 2012 maps are 997.044.904.61, etc.Map numbers for other models and locations (Cayenne, etc.) seem to follow a similar pattern with some of the other digits being different.