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17 Mar

"Fuck,not so hard,go steadier you brute, I want to cum gently not in an instant.Now with her hand steadying his head he licked first one side and then the other deeply penetrating her small hole and making her jerk upwards as he licked her bum hole in his efforts.

"More in there,its all yours,go fuck the bitch" By the time I got to them,he had his muzzledeep between Marion's thighs and he had already delivered a number of licks that was making her ass jerk about on the seat.

- Three or four inches of pink was being diligently cleaned.

In I go through the back door and there's my wife sprawled out on the settee with her knicker's on the floor and her fingers slowly exploring her ginital's.

Out comes her usual invitation, "Wanna play big boy? Without further ado I sit on the floor and join in her exploration of those nether regions. That's fucking filthy,what made you say that,you must have such smut in that head of yours I can't believe you said that" I broke the eye to eye contact and ducked my face down towards her pussy and started to blow my breath on her quim as I held the lips apart. I've fucked myself with that one I thought and made no further comment.

In very short shift I hear, "God,my pussy needs something and it needs it quick" I knew she wasn't up to an imminent orgasm but I was tempted to go down on her and suck her brains out so to speak and bring her orgasm on. Not licking and sucking but uttering a thought that just popped up in my mind, - 'the something and it needs it quick'- was what lit this spark. - before she responded it was out, - FUCK RUSTY' Her eyes transmitted it all,shocked disbelief! I could tell my blowing on her cunt was taking her back to where we'd been as she started fingering her clit' with circular motions.