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07 Feb

Throughout the length of the Parkway, steep grades and vertical curves have been eliminated; most grades have a maximum of three percent.The horizontal alignment consists of gentle curves and straight-aways are minimized.The payment of interest and principal on the bonds would be covered by tolls, concessions and other income.Swift construction of the parkway would enable the Highway Authority to cover interest expenses, which began accruing the moment that the 5 million in construction bonds were issued in 1952.

North of Paramus, the dual roadways follow the rolling terrain, and the parkway is separated from the communities by a wooded buffer.Paralleling US 9, the parkway first follows the Raritan Bay shoreline, then the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, as it makes its way south toward Cape May.Along some stretches, the parkway passes through unspoiled pine barrens with forested medians as wide as 600 feet.This legislation also gave the project a new name: the Garden State Parkway.Following the success established by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority, the New Jersey Highway Authority adopted the power to issue bonds to finance construction of the Garden State Parkway.