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29 Jan

Here, in spring 1973, members of the Amtrak Design Group – tasked with revitalizing equipment and facilities – examine manufacturers’ prototypes of coach seats recently ordered for many Amtrak routes.The textile pattern on the seat appears quite similar to what was ultimately chosen for the new Amfleet cars.Important changes were made to the restrooms to ensure accessibility.

Many of these inherited cars wore various paint schemes, which is why these early years are sometimes referred to as Amtrak's "Rainbow Era." A lot of effort was put into modernizing the cars, as seen in this 1973 image of a refurbished dome-pub car, which had originally been built in 1947 by the Budd Company as an observation lounge for the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad’s Twin Cities Zephyr (Chicago-Minneapolis).

The scenario is reminiscent of the Cold War when Sweden's armed forces routinely hunted for Soviet submarines Authorities today claimed the vessel was probably Dutch, with a military source saying, 'in order to ease tensions in the Baltic sea and save the money of Swedish taxpayers, we would recommend to search for explanations from the Dutch navy'. Anders Grenstad said that he wouldn't speculate on what the photograph showed, other than to say it was a 'foreign vessel', and that the area it was seen in was 'of interest to a foreign power'.

Grenstad said: 'We have said it's foreign underwater activity, and until we have caught something or get photo evidence, it will continue to be foreign underwater activity until we know what nation it is.'According to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter the man, who was dressed in black and wearing a backpack, is being hunted by military intelligence and security services for wandering out into the waters.

Several blogs and online forums in Russia today expressed fears over the 175-metre long Dmitri Donskoi nuclear submarine, one of the largest in the world, even though reports from Stockholm specified a mini-sub.

The paper said another signal was intercepted on Friday night and Swedish intelligence was able to pinpoint the locations of the participants.