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Others listed in the order were Henry Fry, Matthew Morris, William Blizzard, Thomas Martin and Alan Parker. For anyone doing family research, you’ll soon learn that names can be spelled numerous ways.

The descendants of these Hinkles would later found the Hinkle Chair Company, renowned for their ladderback rocking chairs that are now sold at Cracker Barrel Restaurants across the United States. My “second” cousin and next-door neighbor, Linda Bowie Dorris (my dad’s first cousin) joined me in researching the Clinard and Hinkle families. On records such as census and court records, they seemed to just spell names however they sounded, so when you see a name spelled differently that is usually why.

James Boyd began the project by cleaning the tombstone of his great, great-grandfather, Benjamin Rawls. Many names became misspelled on records when some official person would write down a person’s name based on how they thought it sounded.

He then began restoring the plots and tombstones and recording inscriptions and placement of plots. Sharon Cemetery In the next post, I’m going to offer an overview of the Clinard’s migration from Europe to Pennsylvania to North Carolina so you can discover who our ancestors were, where they came from and their migration motivations. I’m sure the language barrier of non-English speaking new arrivals was part of this problem.

She and her father, James Boyd Bowie, had recently completed the Mt. The internet is a wonderful research asset and I browsed numerous genealogy websites including ancestry.com, which is an amazing research tool.

Sharon Cemetery book that offers a huge amount of information about the births and deaths of the families in the community and the church history. Phillip Clinart/Clinard to his son Laurance Clinard as a gift, a Negro man about 17 yrs old. Be sure and use their “Soundex” feature, which will search names by sound, not spelling.

After perusing all of the information Rick sent me, I began to see connections between the Tennessee Clinard family and the Hinkle family. Phillip (K) Clinart to his dau Pheby, the wife of Dewalt Mock, dec’d, a Negro woman named Madge about 20 yrs old. The archives contain local history and family genealogy books, census records, court records, deeds, wills, marriage certificates, and early county survey books and maps.

I am descendant for Davis Clinard Sr, who was born in NC then went to IN in the early 1850s, then to MI after the Civil War. March 23, 1802, The will of Philip Clinard is recorded in Rowan County. Daniel later divides and sells this to Philip Clinard and Philip Sink. August 5, 1778 Rowan County, NC Inferior Court records: Jacob Clinehart and Phillip Clinehart signed the Oath of Allegiance to the State. February 4, 1779, Jacob Clinard is listed as an overseer of the road. When I began researching the family, I began questioning James Boyd (also called Jim or J. He had inherited the home that Jessie had lived in before she died, and there were still items left in the house that remained after her death.

David is from another Clinard line that went from NC to Georgia. Names sons Daniel, Lawrence, Jacob, Peter, Henry; daughters Phoebe Mock, Catherine Miller; grandson Jacob Mock (Phillip Mock’s son), John Mock (Phoebe’s son), Daniel Mock (Phoebe’s son); granddaughter Mary Stanley (dtr of Philip Moc and Anna Maria Clinard, M. “Ordered by the court, the following persons, who neglected or refused to appear before the Justices of their respective districts on the day by them advertised to take the Oath of Allegiance to this State, be admitted to come into court and take the said Oath, having rendered excuse and having so done, that the clerk furnish them with certificates, they paying for the same, and the following persons took the Oath accordingly — — — viz: (Tories)….. Ref: 3, Rowan County Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Session, 1775 – 1789. : Jacob Clinard 200 A on waters of Brushy Fork Abbots Crk, adj Mathias Sapenfield, Felix Clodfelter, and Moravian line, including the Improvement he now lives on, which entry is in behalf of Anthony Hinkle and Peter Hinkle, Orphans of Peter Hinkle, deceased. He started digging through the house in search of family clues and after many months, found the piece of the puzzle that substantiated our family lineage.

David and I know that our two lines are connected because of name similarities and family stories, however, we can not find the Clinard who is the link between the two families. Phillip (PK) Clinard to his son Daniel Clinard for 5 silver, a negro boy named Jim. Jacob Clinehart, Phillip Mock, Phillip Clinehart ” 2.2. His mother or possibly grandmother had written out Joseph “Jodie” Clinard’s family tree, along with his brother’s names, Louis and Andy, giving us their relationship.

Supposedly, both lines were from a Jacob Clinard who seems to be somewhat of a mystery. : Jacob Clinard, 300 A on Rich Fk of Abbots Crk adj James Ross, William Roark, and Thomas Kimborough, including the Improvment where Dewalt Mock now lives. She had also done a sheet for Henry Clinard with this group but as she did not specifically note Henry as a brother to the other three we can only speculate.