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28 Dec

It was a bold decision to hike in the first place for Toni Henthorn.She’d gone under the knife multiple times to repair both knees, and according to federal prosecutor Suneeta Hazra’s opening statement at the pretrial back in May, Toni had “bad knees, had given up skiing, had several operations.”The pair paused to take photos of each other.The story has made national headlines, as Henthorn’s first wife also died in a freak accident.

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Whenever Sandra Lynn’s death came up, the widower told people “bizarre stories,” prosecutors said.

Chasing wild turkeys as a lark didn’t square with authorities either.

“Henthorn told the investigators it was sort of a spontaneous decision to go to this area, but indeed, investigation has shown that he made numerous scouting trips to the park,” Hazra said.

When he threw the flat in the rear of the Jeep “the jack gave way, and he heard [Sandra] Lynn scream and yell [sic] yell for him,” according to the story he gave the officer that night.

Henthorn said he saw his wife helplessly pinned and then “got her out from underneath the vehicle” with a second jack and began performing CPR, Kennedy said.