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21 Mar

The unstable potassium isotope is called the parent while the argon product is called the daughter.

There are a couple of different radioactive forms of uranium that decay into lead.

These geologic events can cause elements to be gained and lost to the rock.

It’s like cracking the hourglass and having some of the sand leak out, or other sand leak in.

What happens is that the geologist will carefully record exactly where he collected the rock.

Or they may assume that different rock samples from the same geographical area had the same ratio.

Each dating method uses different kinds of assumptions to get around this problem for radiometric dating—the deadly problem caused by the fact that we cannot make measurements in the past.

by Tas Walker Radioactive dating begins by carefully measuring the concentrations of radioactive isotopes in rocks.

Everything is composed of elements and there are about 90 naturally occurring ones, such as hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and iron.