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24 Apr

After praying and finishing our meal, my husband and kids went to sindbad and me and my mother stayed in the food court.

All of a sudden my mother went pale and uncomfortable.

And I asked them today is lucky draw and I m here but I have not any coupon number. They should be removed from there if they don't have shops then give them training.

this is the management's responsibility and this need serious ATTENTION!

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They said to me u will get Whats App message in a while. Very very disappointed the services of atrium mallone responsible.

That further strengthen our bond with dolmen city . I advise luckyone management that they should not do such ventures if they couldn't manage it.

We have been a frequent visitor since very beginning. Jackson greeted us especially our kids and always asks Sahab kahan hain , it makes dolmen city our home out of a home. Coz it could really turn ugly incase of any mishap or accident.

It's uncommon to find another store that matches this esp given the sort of high quality items.

Good job Naheed, keep the stock updated and maintain the found their staff to be extremely courtous and helpful!