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22 Jan

Understanding effects of a drug on biomarkers can help us understand more about what is going on with the immune system in lupus Lupus Adventurer: I ask because my biomarkers are now quiet, after 20 years lupus treatment, with methotrexate, imuran, plaquenil plus clincial trial of Rituxan (amazing) and now almost 3 years of Benlysta. Symptoms are quite moderated again with Benlysta, but I am curious about the correlation between this medication and biomarker activity. Benlysta works well in some but not all lupus patients.

My lupus eventually worsened into major unbroken flare. So, until Benlysta had FDA approval, we were still hoping, praying and waiting for over a year for another new option — while I became sicker and sicker. My family and loved ones saw me getting sicker and sicker, and my health faltered with increasing severity.

Over many years of watching our children finish growing up, graduate from high school, get married and now our four grandchildren, Rudy has been there, friend to all who knew him, and companion to many.

When I spent months on strict bed rest with massive lupus flares and an unstable spine, he was a little puppy who curled up next to me, comforting me in my intense persistent pain.

Just about sixteen years ago, long before Benlysta, before Rituxan, and shortly before the beginning of Methotrexate and Imuran, little Rudy joined our household. My husband taught piano lessons to the two sons of a couple we knew who raised purebred miniature long-haired dachshunds.

After teaching enough lessons to equal the discounted price of a well-bred puppy, little Rudy became the newest addition to our home.