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04 Dec

But captured she was, and dragged to the Brotherhood without Banners’ hideout, otherwise known to us as Pollnagollum Cave in County Fermanagh.Part of the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark, it's an extensive maze of underground passages that attracts explorers from distant lands.Not far away is Audley’s Field on the shore of Strangford Lough.This is exactly where Jaime was captured – and released.No wonder this is the location chosen for the Dothraki Sea far above the city of Meereen.It’s where Daenerys is rescued by her dragon Drogon and brought to his lair…

It became the Kingsroad, where Arya disguised herself as a boy to avoid capture.Aside from the fantasy landscapes, Northern Ireland's packed with another prolific requirement for Game of Thrones® – its abundance of castles.Dating back to Norman and medieval times, these structures catapult you right into Westeros and have seen a Lannister lion’s share of bloodshed. Built in the 14th century on the edge of Lough Neagh, this ruined castle was the backdrop to the jousting tournament.Another prime filming location can be found in the Mourne Mountains in County Down.These dramatic slopes were the entrance to Vaes Dothrak and are no stranger to fantasy novels – they inspired author CS Lewis to create Narnia.