Effects of dating on children after divorce

13 Apr

Clearly, a study in which two-thirds of the parents range from the chronically depressed to the seriously mentally ill is not a representative sample.

I found amicable ex-spouses who had worked out cooperative parenting relationships and angry ex-spouses who, even after five years, could not effectively share parenting of their children.

It feeds them with just the ammunition they need to pursue their fight to restore the traditional family by saving marriages and making divorce more punitive.

This small, select sample is still being used to prove that “the unexpected legacy” of divorce is the insidiously harmful ways it leaves its mark decades afterward.

One has to wonder, what about the children whose divorced parents are mentally healthier than those Wallerstein studied?

Do children in these divorced families experience their growing-up years differently from those in troubled families? It was this omission that made me decide to continue my study.