Dating missunderstood

22 Dec

If you have long detailed articles (like this one), you should expect the people indeed reading it should be engaged for a few minutes.

I have a page with the average time on page of Four min. Does this mean that the remaining 10% stay on the page for Four min? Yes, BUT use the Landing Pages report to determine your Bounce Rate NOT the All Pages report. Do let me know if you see anything that can be switched/improved here 🙂 Count(Case When Hits.

And If what is the maximum time to use a site for no bounce rate.

See how Google Analytics measures the time on your own website pages. We have a high percentage of 0-10 seconds engagement.

Verify that the Time on Page is only recorded for pages that are not the exit page. Is this number skewed by the fact the exit page is not measured?

The end of a session will be recorded after 30 minutes of inactivity (default session duration in Google Analytics).

If you only visited one page, it will be recorded as a bounce.