Dating during a divorce in sc

24 Apr

In other words, divorce will not be allowed by a court in South Carolina unless one of the following five grounds exist: The first four grounds are there to protect the spouse who does not engage in that behavior.

These are known as fault grounds, meaning that the divorce falls on the fault of the spouse engaging in that particular behavior.

In South Carolina, the law is pretty clear cut: you are either married, or you are not married.

Some states recognize legal separation, which is when spouses agree to separate but not go through the official divorce process.

The last ground, known as a non-fault ground, exists as a way to try and get couples considering divorce to think about their decision and try to work it out.

This one-year period obviously does not always bring spouses together, but its goal is to get spouses to reconsider their divorce decision.

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There are many divorce lawyers who will go through the motions and simply treat your case as just another case.The court considers a number of factors in determining the alimony: As you can see, there are many different factors that determine the alimony amount in a divorce case.The judge weighs all the factors in regards to alimony and makes the decision based on the evaluation.As stated in the section before this one, it is extremely important to be cautious of dating before the divorce has been ruled final because that can be considered adultery and seriously impact your potential alimony award.According to the South Carolina Code of Laws, you can legally change your name once the divorce papers have become final.