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22 Dec

The federal government promised to continue paying teacher salaries.Generally, the federal government funds and manages two federal government colleges (secondary schools) in each state.

They are required to register for a minimum of seven and a maximum of nine subjects.The purpose is to bring together young boys and girls from many different ethnic groups to study and live together in harmony, so that in the future they might serve as good role models for others in the nation.Read more: Nigeria - Secondary Education - Students, School, Schools, and Government - State O83ki3 Secondary schools are mostly state or federally owned, although in 2001 the federal government began encouraging the return of former church mission schools.English and mathematics examinations are mandatory. The government estimated that over 500,000 registered to take the SSCE in May/June 2001.Ads by Google Full-Time MBAEurope's #1 in Sustainability MBAPrograms. in Finance Degree Industry-tailored Degree, Leading Faculty, Full/Part-Time or Online