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27 Feb

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He's even more indifferent to insults, recriminations and other people's bristling opinions.

Tell a Piscean that society is decadent, the government is cracking, air pollution will put us all in our graves and the world is coming to a dead stop, and he'll yawn, or smile enchantingly, or look vaguely sympathetic. When he's finally aroused, he can be bitingly sarcastic, with a clever, caustic tongue.

It's never easy for either real or human fish to struggle and fight their way upstream.

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Taking the easy way is a trap for those born under this Sun sign, a glittering bait that entices them, while it hides the dangerous hook -a wasted life.

Pisces eyes are liquid, heavy-lidded, and full of strange lights. The features are elastic and mobile, and you'll usually find more dimples than wrinkles. It can be a love of ice water, the habit of a dozen cups of tea or coffee a day, a hankering for soda pop-or a yen for something stronger.

Frequently, but not always, they're slightly protruding, bulbous and extremely compelling. Few Pisceans are tall; Neptune bodies are sometimes awkwardly built, but with their extraordinary grace, it's seldom discernible. Like Scorpios and Cancerians, Pisces people are wise to stay miles away from alcohol.

Of course, every Pisces who drinks a pousse-cafe doesn't become an alcoholic, but the percentage is higher than it ought to be.

The fish was born with the desire to see the world through rose-colored spectacles.