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22 Jan

When I began this skate I was more than positive about who I was in the world, but with each passing day it became harder not to doubt myself. Where I once wanted my story shared so I could take the hate in lieu of other trans women not having to, I wondered how much more I could take. I started playing music until my speaker died within the first mile- the life slowly disappeared from my eyes.Nobody I interact with has had the gall to say it to me, but I am left to wonder if anybody even sees me as a woman. I spent no time entertaining the comments, but just reading them made every push that much heavier. I tried to pump myself up on Facebook but it was futile.At first I was happy- getting recognition for this skate is special to me.It’s not why I’m doing it, but after CNN dropped me I felt like any attention sent on my behalf was a positive.I was in bed by 9pm and fighting the idea of getting up to charge my devices.Although it was only a short two-step walk to the laundry room to charge things, I couldn’t be bothered.

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It honestly looked to me like piles and piles of shit stacked on one another, but was cool because of the proximity of the volcano they formed out of.

I told him no thanks- I couldn’t justify taking a hard worker’s money when I had other options. Not even a mile up the road, a man in a big truck stopped. He was going way beyond wherever I was headed, so I took an opportunity to gain some distance towards Arco.

He said he would drop me off there as he headed towards Salmon.

I called the Idaho Park Service a few days prior to get information and they told me nobody would be camping there because it is closed for the winter, but as we flew by, I noticed handfuls of cars and tents.

On the other side of the road was a hidden hot spring. I tried to fall asleep by turning the heat in the room all the way up.