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29 Apr

Those who are usually dismiss them as a fancy way of formatting, but there is so much more to them.

A style is a collection of formatting effects that can be saved and re-used as many times as you want.

These files are the actual files used when the recordings were made, so you should have no problem replicating my actions.

I'll be covering Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point in this series, but I'll be starting this tutorial with Microsoft Word.

Quick Parts can contain pretty much anything - not just text, but diagrams, pictures and shapes.

Once they have been added to the gallery they are there for you to use again and again - a real time saver, and definitely one of my Essential Skills!

Styles are common in modern web development in the form of Cascading Style Sheets - or CSS - but they have been around in word processing for years.

Very few of the people I train use Styles because hardly anyone is aware of them.

The four main elements of Microsoft Office covered are Word, Outlook, Excel and Power Point as these are the most common in daily use.In the next tutorial we look at how tables can be used as an alternative to lists.In this tutorial I start looking at the Insert tab and begin with tables.The version of Office used in these tutorials is 2010 - once again, because this is the most common version I encounter in my work.This introductory lecture gives general tips for getting the most from the course by watching and then repeating the techniques using the practice files included with most tutorials.