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02 Apr

For instance, what organisation would require their most senior and expensive employees (except that these days senior managers get paid even more) to fill in enormously long tick-box forms for patient admissions?

Or to fill in similarly tortuous long electronic discharge forms?

And it’s worth remembering that this deterioration in the quality of care provided by many hospitals has happened despite all the targets imposed upon hospitals which were supposed to improve performance, as well as a significant rise not only in the number of doctors employed by the NHS but also of managers.

Our disenchantment is shared by numerous other consultants as well as general practitioners, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Many of today’s senior consultants worked very long hours as junior doctors because they wanted to gain the experience that being an expert professional requires, especially in fields which required specialised practical skills like surgery.48 hours — not least because many of these trainees actually want to be allowed to spend more time on wards and in the operating theatre to gain the experience they know they need.

To date this campaign has not achieved any changes.

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Their hearts sink when they see the next generation is being schooled in this culture: young doctors being told that they must go home at the end of their shift rather than stay in order to, say, attend the operating theatre when a patient they admitted with appendicitis requires an emergency operation. But the greatest frustration is how little power they have to do anything to manage and improve their day-to-day practices or to change the system.

Every single clinician will see numerous ways that the quality of care they offer their patients could be improved.