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07 Mar

From her Amy Childs' dresses from her collection, to how to ensure a call after, Peter Andre's pal has shared her dating expertise to ensure we all have a good time on February 14.

Kristina accompanied Andre's friend Amy Childs and his manager Claire Powell to watch him make a guest appearance two weeks ago in Ghost: The Musical to help raise money for Children In Need.

‘In one picture, it looked like we were close, but the truth is I couldn’t hear him over the music – that’s why my ear was in his face!


Here's Amy's essential date rules: What should a girl wear on a Valentine's Day date? There’s nothing worse than somebody cooking for you on a first date. And offer to get the bill, even if you want to be treated.

It’s really dependent on where your date is taking you. They don’t want to know your life story on the first date. Leave it to the professionals so you get to know each other. Plan your outfit with your best friends – they will always tell you the truth.