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05 Mar

“Valentine’s Day is a huge opportunity to show the special woman in your life that she is in fact special to you,” says De Anna Lorraine, a San Diego-based dating and relationship coach for men.

“Like it or not, women measure the level of effort and thoughtfulness you put into this day.” Yes, Valentine’s Day is cheesy and blown out of proportion, and your love should be expressed every day of the year—but if you don’t plan a proper date on February 14th, you will most certainly be in the doghouse (no matter how much she says it’s not a big deal).

You'll probably both still be beginners after just one lesson, but it's a way to show you can plan ahead and that you really thought about making the day special.

(Plus you can capitalize on that sensual foreplay two days in a row.) Take advantage of the season and plan the ultimate active winter date: Take her skiing or snowboarding.

And aim for more of a sensual castle than a “boys only” fortress. “Take a hike, draw a candlelit bath, make love in front of a fireplace—quality time together is always appreciated,” she adds. Take her on a date to a private dance lesson like Tango, Ballroom, Salsa, or Bachata, suggests Lorraine.

“This shows her you’re romantic and willing to go outside your comfort zone for her.

“There is something romantic about mountains at night: you, your girl, a quiet chairlift, and thermos of spiked hot chocolate,” Weedmark says.

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Plus, healthy competition can reignite the spark in your relationship.

Plus, dancing brings your bodies close together and can be great sensual foreplay,” she adds. Book the dance class for Saturday and pretend like that is your big V-Day present.

Come Sunday, whisk her off to a salsa or tango club, Lorraine suggests.

“You can get silly and poke fun of each other’s work—it’s supposed to be fun,” he adds.

Take Netflix and Chill to the next level—building a blanket fort in your grown-up living room is both nostalgic and a little bit sexy, says Weedmark.